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Learning to drive!
Most of us have to do it sometime.
And it seems for you, that time has come...

searching-for-driving-lessons-in-dublinMore than likely you have found this website using one of the major search engines or social networks.

Perhaps you did a search for 'Driving Lessons Dublin', 'Best Driving Instructor in Dublin' or 'Which Driving School should I learn to drive with'. We see people searching for answers to these questions all the time.

Doing searches and research like this takes time and often the whole process can be overwhelming.
Which driving instructor really is right for you?
How can you be sure they know what they are doing?

That is where ADI Direct comes in. We want to create a simple means for both you and prospective driving instructors to connect with each other.

An impartial, unbaised database of driving instructors that can share with you their pass pupils reviews, their pricing and where they conduct their driving lessons.

Start your search now...

A place to leave your own feedback and reviews and read the feedback from others.

Trying to get a solid presence online is hard enough for anyone in any business. For this exact reason many great driving instructors are getting left behind because they can not keep up with the changing times.

We think it is a tradegy that you might miss the opportunity
to book lessons with the perfect driving instructors for you
solely because they can not be found easily when you do a search online

We intend to change that...Welcome to ADI Direct!

How does it work?

We have tried to make our website easy to use. You can use our simple navigation system to browse through our database of instructors. You can also use our search facility to find instructors, near you, fast.

If you register an account you can add instructors to your list of favorites using the stars on each profile. You can then review them at your leisure.

It truly has never been easier to choose a driving instructor.